New voting features for support tickets

A few days ago we improved voting process for tickets at our Support Portal.

1. First of all we implemented ability to order tickets by Votes in public tickets list. This is especially useful for Feature Requests, so we added it by default for this tickets type. When you open Feature Requests list for any theme – you’ll see most popular tickets first:


2. We improved interface of ticket voting for most convenient and obvious use. Now side panel shows Vote button:

When you vote for a ticket by clicking the button, votes number increases and becomes green, the button is changed to Unvote:

Vote for a feature if you feel that you need it. The more votes, the more likely that we’ll implement this feature.

3. Also we made user licenses quantity be equal his quantity of votes, because opinion of the clients with a few licenses is more valuable for us.

For example: when user with 6 registered licenses will vote for any ticket, this ticket will receive additionally 6 votes.


If you bought our themes a few times, you can register your licenses at your profile on our Support Portal, just go to My Licenses page and add licenses via related purchase codes (you can download it on ThemeForest):


You will receive new colored badge with licenses quantity, which matters: the more licenses you have, the higher priority your tickets will have for our Support Team.

Thanks for reading!