A little bit About Us

Who we are?

A team of experienced developers who are driven by perfectionism and the urge to create something great and beautiful.

What we do?

Create beautiful and flexible premium WordPress Themes and constantly improve them. Offer top notch customer support.

Why we do it?

Because we love it and have all needed skills and experience to do it better than others. We believe in high quality of our products.

Since When?

We started in 2007 as a small web studio. Our core business – WordPress Theme Development – started in 2013.

Aleksandr Kovalev

Main Designer

Ruslan Sukhar

Main Developer

Roman Baiburin


Stepan Astionov

Design Consultant

Ivan Balakirev

Support Hero

Elina Chanieva

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Our Short History

It started in 2008 when one of our clients told us:

You created the site that gives me an extraordinary feeling of comfort, as if I’m wearing my favourite house slippers and a bathrobe!

These words sank into our souls, and since then we adore to create interesting web-things, especially the ones that can make a site more vivid and enthralling.

We have a lot of existing developments and fresh ideas, which we want to put up for your assessment from time to time.

If you share our views and you are interested in spectacular web-solutions, follow us on Envato.

What Our Clients say
About Us and Our Themes?