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    Version 1.6.1 – August 5, 2014
    • ADDED: Envato Auto Updater – now it’s possible to easily update the theme via WP admin dashboard
    • IMPROVED: Header at the bottom of the home section – now menu drops down when the header fixed at the top of a page
    • Fixed: Portfolio custom project link target – now it works correctly
    • Fixed: Accordion (Toggle) shortcode – now it fully works at Portfolio Project page
    • Fixed: Blog shortcode – now it don’t show draft posts
    • Fixed: Logo link when WP installed in subfolder
    • Fixed: Logo link when website has a few langauge versions by WPML
    • Fixed: map script conflict on SSL websites
    • Fixed: minor styling issues
    Version 1.6 — June 13, 2014
    • ADDED: Full support of Gravity Forms premium plugin (for activate theme’ styles just disable Output CSS)
    • ADDED: Behance icon to all kinds of Social icons
    • UPDATED: FontAwesome icons to version 4.1.0 (added 71 new icons)
    • IMPROVED: Clients carousel – now it’s possible to enable autoscroll
    • IMPROVED: Parallax script – now it works really good on all desktop screens
    • IMPROVED: Map shortcode – now it’s possible to scroll site (via margins) on touch screens (instead of scrolling map)
    • IMPROVED: Theme Options interface – now it looks more modern and convenient
    • IMPROVED: Subtitle and Big Paragraph shortcodes – now it’s possible to align its content
    • Fixed: Video shortcode renamed to [responsive_video] to avoid conflict with default WP video shortcode
    • Fixed: Columns shortcode – now it inserts [row] instead of [cols]
    • Fixed: Tabs shortcode in portfolio – now it works correctly
    • Fixed: some validation errors
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.5.2 – April 28, 2014
    • IMPROVED: WordPress 3.9 compability
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.5.1 – February 11, 2014
    • Fixed: Language files
    • Fixed: some minor bug
    Version 1.5 — February 6, 2014
    • ADDED: Video Backgrounds – now it’s possible to add background video to every subsection
    • IMPROVED: Site Preloader – fully reworked preloader’s script – more stable work, also now it’s possible to use Spinner instead of Percentage
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio – now it’s possible to display items of several categories
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio – now it’s possible to set custom link for portfolio item
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio – now it’s possible to set custom CSS class for every portfolio item
    • IMPROVED: Separator shortcode – now it’s possible to display only line without icon. Also removed icon’s solid background in sections with background image
    • IMPROVED: XML Demo Data – now it contains all latest features – Fixed: bugs with Portfolio’s video on mobiles – now it works correctly
    • Fixed: mobile layout of main menu – removed limit of 1023px
    • Fixed: many styling issues
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.4 — November 28, 2013
    • IMPROVED: XML Demo Data updated
    • IMPROVED: Team Members shortcode. Now it’s possible to add member’s Email and member’s Custom link (with custom icon)
    • IMPROVED: Contacts shortcode. Now it’s possible to add more items with any icon and text
    • IMPROVED: Scroll navigation. Now link to Page Section from static page scrolls exactly to the begining of that Page Section
    • IMPROVED: Logo’s setting. Now it’s possible to set exact height of the logo’s image (true for small images)
    • Fixed: bug with Vimeo icon’s link
    • Fixed: active statement for sub-level navigation
    • Fixed: all known styling issues on touch devices
    • Fixed: many minor styling issues
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.3 — November 20, 2013
    • ADDED: Social icons in header
    • ADDED: Vimeo icon to all kinds of social links
    • ADDED: full compatibility with “Contact Form 7″ plugin
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio. Now it’s possible to add any full-width content to portfolio item including image slider
    • IMPROVED: Typography Options. Added fields to control font size, line height and subset
    • IMPROVED: Updated FontAwesome icons to version 4.0.3
    • IMPROVED: now all Blog Post excerpts have ellipsis (…) at the end
    • IMPROVED: now Logo image hasn’t fixed width
    • IMPROVED: Added alignment for Social Links shortcode
    • Fixed: bug with Clients carousel on small screens
    • Fixed: bug with top navigation on touch devices
    • Fixed: small styling issues
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.2 — November 6, 2013
    • ADDED: AJAX option to [blog] shortcode
    • ADDED: Child theme support
    • IMPROVED: Counter shortcode may have prefix and suffix for numbers now. For example ‘100%’ as number is possible
    • IMPROVED: Preloader may be applied to first page section or turned off
    • IMPROVED: All Google fonts added to corresponding list in Theme Options
    • Fixed: Multiple galleries bug. Each gallery now have separate lightbox popup with own images list
    • Fixed: some styling issues
    Version 1.1 — October 26, 2013
    • ADDED: Google Maps shortcode
    • ADDED: Clients Logo carousel
    • ADDED: 404 page
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio shortcode has Category and number of Items parameter now
    • IMPROVED: Blog shortcode has Category parameter now
    • IMPROVED: Portfolio preview may contain different then thumbnail image and video now
    • IMPROVED: FullScreen Slider shortcode – added Transition type, Interval and Speed parameters
    • IMPROVED: IconBox shortcode – added possibility to open a link in new tab
    • Fixed: Navigation disappear bug
    • Fixed: some minor styling issues
    • Fixed: some minor bugs
    Version 1.0 — October 22, 2013
    • Initial release
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