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In order to install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed

You can install this theme in 2 ways: via FTP or via WordPress theme upload function.

FTP installation

WordPress installation

After the installation Impreza Theme must appear at Appearance > Themes page, where you can activate it.

After activating our theme and creating your own content or importing demo XML content, you may want to set some page as your Home page (by default WordPress sets latest posts feed as a Home page). In order to set a page as a Home page, proceed to Settings > Reading, change "Front page displays" radio buttons to "A static page (select below)" and then select needed page from "Front page" selectbox


If you are new to WordPress, you may find these links below useful:

You can quickly set up your theme same way as our demo site.

To do so, go to Appearance > Theme Options, General tab and press the "Import Demo Data" Button. Wait until import process is finished and that's it.


In case something went wrong with automatic import, follow the steps below:

In order to speed up the import process, or in case of upload fail, leave the "download images and attachments" box unchecked. That will give you all the pages and posts without the attachments. This is a good option because users will need to use their own images anyways.


XML file doesn't include images, sliders and advanced theme options settings. See corresponding sections for more information.

Impreza has an advanced Theme Options panel that contains all needed settings. There are too many options to go over all of them in these docs but please take some time and navigate through each tab. Go to Appearance > Theme Options and take a look.

If you have installed Impreza theme for first time, it is recommended to reset Theme Options by using "Options Reset" button at bottom left of Advanced Options Interface

In sections below we will describe some of the Theme Options settings.

In this section we will describe widgets that will appear at header, when you enable Expanded Header at Appearance > Theme Options, Header Options tab

When you check Expanded Header setting, few more fields would appear. They can be divided into three groups:

Language Widget

The widget has 2 modes:

Let's take a closer look on the Widget options in Your own links mode:

We have created (or adjusted) following page types:

Please note that Default Template has no sidebar, because this layout fits Impreza the most. We have created templates with left and right sidebar though, so you can create such pages too.

All shortcodes incorporated into theme are presented in Visual Composer and Shortcode Geneartor. You can find examples of usage at our Demo site under Shortcodes section. You can see how they work if you import theme's Demo Data XML.

Some of shortcodes attributes explained below.

Responsive Grid Row - [vc_row]

The row itself is a very simple element. But it's attributes provide a lot of functionality.

- Page Sections

To place a row into separate Page Section, open it's attributes in Visual Composer and check Separate Section checkbox. Three additional fields will appear:

- Full Width Sections

Starting from 1.1 version of Impreza, we have added Full Width Sections. They may be used for placing Revolution Slider, Google maps and other elements. In order to place a row into Full Width section, open it's preferences in Visual Composer, check Separate Section checkbox, then check appeared Full Width Content checkbox.

- Parallax Effect for Sections

When you check the Parallax Effect checkbox at Row's attributes, two more parameters appear below it:

When you set the right image and adjust the settings, you will achieve beautiful 3D Parallax effect

Accordion and Toggles - [vc_accordion]

Both Accordion and Toggles elements presented with single shortcode - [vc_accordion]

You can switch between them by opening shortcode's properties and adjusting "Act as Toggles" checkbox.


Tabs and Timeline - [vc_tabs]

Both Tabs and Timeline elements presented with single shortcode - [vc_tabs]

You can switch between them by opening shortcode's properties and adjusting "Act as Timeline" checkbox.


Pricing Tables

At the moment adding PricingTables possible only via text shortcodes - if you are using Visual Composer for page and want to add Pricing Tables, add a Text Block, erase all text there and press 'Add Pricing Table' icon in last row of editor's controls. Then you will be able to adjust the Pricing Table by adding/editing table columns shortcodes


Google Maps - [vc_gmaps]

You can create a google map widget for your Contact page (or any other, where you need it). Google Maps shortcode available both at Visual Composer and Shortcode Generator. It has a range of parameters:

Special case of map usage is when it's placed into full width section (like we have it at our Demo Contact page). In order to do so, add a map into row in Visual Composer. Then open row's preferences, check Separate Section checkbox, then check appeared Full Width Content checkbox.




[separator type="short" size="" icon="star"]


A link styled as button



[button url="#about" text="Learn More" size="big" type="primary" icon="" external="0"]


Single icon



[icon icon="star" color="primary" size="small" with_circle="0" link=""]




[iconbox iconpos="left" icon="puzzle-piece" with_circle="1" title="Strategy"]
Creating a design it is not an end in itself, but a means... 


Displays grid of your Portfolio Projects



Attributes and possible values:


[testimonial author="Anna Zuckerberg" company="(one of our clients)"]
To anybody thinking of buying this theme – buy it!









Displays contact information

Attributes and possible values:


Displays contact form. See respective Theme Options tab to adjust the form.


More info coming soon!

You can translate Impreza into your language using files located at Impreza/languages folder. In order to translate the theme, follow the steps below:

Impreza is WPML ready

If you need a Multi-Language site, then we recommend using the WPML plugin. You would need to buy a license for it, then install it and set it up. All information and documentation can be found at plugin's website:

You can read full documentation of the Revolution Slider in "Slider_Revolution_Documentation" folder of main file download.

It is highly recommended to install or upgrade Slider Revolution using archive wich comes with Impreza theme, because we have adjusted source files of it to fit the theme best.

In order to create slider that will fit into header section, please follow the instructions:

  1. In Revolution Slider plugin click "Create New Slider" button or select existing slider and click on it's name to proceed to the slider settings screen.
  2. Select Slider Layout as , and set Grid Settings with values:
    Grid Width — 1000;
    Grid Height — 500.
  3. At right section open the Position tab and make sure that all Margins are set to 0.
  4. Then open the Appearance tab and select following:
    Shadow Type — No Shadow;
    Show Time Line — Hide;
    Background color — leave blank;
    Padding (border) — 0.
  5. Then proceed to Navigation tab and select:
    Navigation Type — None ;
    Navigation Arrows — Solo;
    Navigation Style - Round
    Always Show Navigation — No;
    Left Arrow Horizontal Offset — 20;
    Right Arrow Horizontal Offset — 20.

After that you can create (or edit) slides for your slider.

Placing Slider Revolution to your pages

In order to place created Slider Revolution to your pages, you should place it's shortcode either via Shortcode Generator or Visual Composer.

Special case for it will be putting your slider into Full Width section at top of page as a teaser element (like we did on our Demo Home page). In order to do so, add a slider into row in Visual Composer. Then open row's preferences, check Separate Section checkbox, then check appeared Full Width Content checkbox.

The images included in preview are for demonstration purposes only. Some photos can be purschuased separately at PhotoDune and other sites. (If needed, particular links can be given at your email request).
In downloaded product folder placeholders are used instead of stock images.

Following plugins are used:

Thank you very much for purchasing this theme!

UpSolution Team

1) When I try to install the theme, I got the message: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

2) Where can I find full list of Icons' names available at your shortcodes?

Full list of icons available at Font-Awesome site

Full Impreza FAQ